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With our extensive experience in React, React Native, and Node, we deliver outstanding app performance and help you grow your business.


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Utilizing React Native and TypeScript, we are able to provide a top-quality user experience across mobile and web platforms


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Empowering businesses with scalable and robust software solutions for seamless growth and unmatched performance


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We hire the top 5% of engineering talent and provide comprehensive resources for exceptional product development

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Product Development

Want to build a new product? Our development team can work closely with you to help you get your software idea to market quickly.


Team Augmentation

Facing challenges onboarding enough developers to meet your product demands? We can work with you to enhance your existing team for faster development.


Technology Training

Need to level-up your team's knowledge? Planning to adopt React, React Native or TypeScript? Contact us to learn more about on-site and remote training options.


Consulting And Advising

Looking to guide your business towards success? We offer expert consulting and strategic advising to help unlock your full potential.


Transforming ideas into realities

We don't cut corners. We prioritize quality and integrity. Leveraging the latest trusted technologies and adhering to industry best practices such as test-driven development, we build software with robust foundations and deliver reliable, scalable solutions tailored to businesses of all sizes.

Sauce Pricing

Sauce was founded by two MIT graduates with the aim of helping small businesses and restaurants increase their income and sales through dynamic pricing.


Empowering businesses with streamlined administrative tasks and effortless management of PTO, reimbursements, and more


Comdash is a web application for business intelligence including visualizing, tracking, and comparing sales across several verticals.


Zero Waste Store is your trusted platform for sustainable brands, and a community of individuals making a positive impact on our planet.


Lexicon is a customizable, open-source mobile app that provides an elegant mobile discussion experience. Built on top of Discourse, a platform for communities.


Unloan offers a digital home loan with a low variable rate, an increasing discount, and an easy online application process. Make home financing stress-free with Unloan.


HooHaz is a community-driven sharing economy marketplace. Users can lease out household goods, creating a sustainable ecosystem of re-use and promoting entrepreneurship.


Clarity is the world's first and only 24/7 hotline that lets you speak to a certified dating and relationship coach on-demand at anytime.


mySmartfren is a mobile application for one of Southeast Asia's major cellular providers that allows users to check their credit, balance, purchase plans, and much more.

Trusted by teams around the globe, ranging from young startups to Fortune 500 companies

Our company has a reputation for consistently going above and beyond for our clients, earning their trust through our exceptional service and expertise.


Learn about the Passion behind KodeFox

Established in 2016, KodeFox is a group of professionals united with the goal of developing outstanding software experiences. Spanning dozens of partners from around the globe, ranging from emerging startups to established Fortune 500 companies, we remain an engineering-driven team harnessing the most powerful tools available in the industry to fuel software innovation.

KodeFox has decades of cumulative experience in the software industry, with some of our team members building digital products as far back as 2005. We learn, grow, and adapt to the rapidly changing technology landscape, and carefully curate our technology stack to allow us to build high-quality software in a competitive industry without compromising.

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